General Terms and Conditions Mi Cortijillo Suerte Bed & Breakfast

Mi Cortijillo Suerte welcomes you and wishes you a pleasant stay.

Acceptance of the general conditions: Our General Terms & Conditions apply to all guests of Mi Cortijillo Suerte. They are listed on our website: (Terms & Conditions)

Whenever a guest makes a reservation he/she automatically agrees to accept these General Terms & Conditions.


General information:

Access to and use of the rooms/other facilities is exclusively for guests.

Guests are requested to keep the room in good conditions. We encourage our guests to keep silence from 24:00 am to 7:00 am.

Smoking is not allowed in rooms/common areas. Neither the use of candles.

The owner/assistant of the owner of Mi Cortijillo Suerte (hereinafter referred to as owner) shall not be liable for any damage, loss or theft of personal belongings.

Mi Cortijillo Suerte cannot be held responsible for damage suffered by guests during the stay at Mi Cortijillo Suerte. Customers are aware about the existence of stairs and floor irregularities on the inside and outside area and the pool area. Guests must also be careful with electrical connections and hot and cold water taps. The customer will be responsible for the risks in this area. In case of conflict, all (legal) costs will be charged on the guests.

Damage caused by the customer should be immediately reported to the owner with the consecutive repair or restitution of the object to the owner.

Mi Cortijillo Suerte will not be responsible for electricity failures or outages of water supply.

The accommodation in Mi Cortijillo Suerte entails compliance with the instructions provided by the owner.

The owner can deny the access to the accommodation in case of violation of the General Terms & Conditions or misbehave, without further reasons and without refund of expenses.

Pets are not allowed.

All resulting costs caused by the loss of keys will be charged on the guest.

For our customers, we offer three times a week a host table and there is an honesty-bar with a wide variety of drinks. Coffee and tea can be served on request during the day. The bill must be paid at departure.


The swimming pool:

The use of the pool and facilities around the pool are at your own risk, without the owner can be held responsible.

We ask you to use the showers before entering the pool. Guests are aware that the use of a pool entail risks such as the existence of stone edges, footholds and slippery floors. The use of the pool, Inflatable mattresses and toys by children under 12 years old are only allowed under supervision of parents. Football is only allowed with beach balls.

Glass or glass bottles aren’t allowed around the pool area for security reasons.



Rates are per night and include:


    The use of water and electricity in the room.

    The use of bed linen and towels



Rates can change depending of the VAT rate.



Mi Cortijillo Suerte only accepts written reservations (including e-mail). The reservation will be confirmed by the owner. The confirmation will contain the reservation and payment details. The reservation acquires full force once the payment is done



We only accept written cancellations (Including e-mail). The cancellation must be confirmed by the owner. The client will not be charged a cancellation fee whenever he makes the cancellation 14 days before the arrival date. The total cost of your stay will be charged in case of No Show at Mi Cortijillo Suerte.


Force majeure:

In case of force majeure, Mi Cortijillo Suerte is entitled to dissolve the contract without the guest being able to claim any compensation.



The client can make a complaint at any time. Mi Cortijillo Suerte will handle a complaint adequately and expeditiously, to standards of reasonableness and fairness.



Personal data will be kept confidentially. The necessary measures will be adopted for effective protection. The e-mail address provided at the time of reservation can be used for promotional purposes of Mi Cortijillo Suerte. Guests can send a written report to Mi Cortijillo Suerte about the disagreement of use of the e-mail address.

Please contact us in case of questions about our General Terms & Conditions.